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12 months subscription (Includes joining fee)


Do It Yourself Management Kit (For WA Customers Only) Postage & Handling included

Help Line Support, Advice & access to credit checks.


Annual Subscription for on-going Help Line Support for members $77.00

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Some of the benefits of joining include:

  • Access to invaluable advice and assistance from a Counsellor should you need it, for any problems relating to tenants, arrears of rent, court appearances, eviction procedures or investment advice.
  • Appropriate documentation for self management, in the form of a Do It Yourself property management kit ie Tenancy Agreements, Application for Tenancy, property condition report, quarterly inspection records, appropriate bond lodgement form, receipt book, notice of breach, notice of termination and many other important documentation for efficient self management.
  • Access to proper screening techniques for prospective tenants through VEDA Avantage Credit checks and TICA Tenant Database checks. A fee of $27.50 is payable for each check.
  • Access to Landlord’s Extra Protection insurance to safeguard against loss of rent and malicious damage by tenants.