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The summer period is not called the “silly season” without good reason. Most people are moving, changing jobs, transferring inter-state and overseas, getting closer to kids’ schools or work etc.

The impact of all this on the rental market is that most renewals, termination of tenancies, abandonment of premises and leaving behind goods, seems to all come about most at this time. As a consequence, the highest number of our enquiries have been on dealing with abandoned premises and abandoned goods.

Fortunately, abandoned goods are covered quite extensively in the Residential Tenancies Act. We have covered the most FAQ’s in our Member’s Area.


Who holds the bond?

From 1 July 2013, the landlord must pay the bond to the Bond Administrator as soon as possible and within 14 days of receiving it.  A Lodgement of Security Bond Money form must be lodged and signed by the tenant and the landlord.  The Bond Administrator will send a record of payment directly to the tenant.

Forms for bond lodgement can be obtained through the Landlords Advisory Service.


Is it worth it? 

These can be carried out through Landlords Advisory Service, and may prove to be invaluable.

This service can be carried out between 10am-4pm daily. The information required from Landlords can be taken from the application form (Date of Birth, Drivers License, Full names) the more information supplied can ensure an accurate check.

A number of checks will indicate no outstanding debts, however it’s Murphy’s Law that the one you don’t check will be the one you should have!!

Each check costs $22.00


Stop bad tenants.

Any bad tenants can be placed on the TICA Default Tenancy Control System.

Help other members and owners of investment properties from having to undergo the trauma!