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Why choose Hartfield Conveyancing?

Choosing a Settlement Agent

As a purchaser, a good time to think about choosing a Settlement Agent or solicitor is when you decide to start looking at properties.

A Settlement Agent can give you advice on what to ask about properties when inspecting them.

As a purchaser, it is important that you are aware of all relevant facts about the property you are buying. The Real Estate Agent should be able to answer all your questions regarding the property.

Once you have engaged a Settlement Agent, remember, they are there to represent your best interests.

Settlement Agents’ fees are regulated by the Act and a scale of maximum charges is fixed by the Board.

  • Competitive Advantage

Hartfield Conveyancing has the advantage of the Licensee and the Conveyancing Clerks all being Directors actively involved in the Company on a full time basis. Any problem can therefore be dealt with immediately and resolved in the Client’s best interests.

  • Experience and Knowledge of the Industry

Hartfield Conveyancing’s combined experience in customer relations, customer service, Real Estate Sales and Settlements creates a strong team effort committed to Client satisfaction.

  • Quality and Reliability

The two most important factors in our business. We rely on referrals and repeat custom. You, our Client, will experience unparalleled quality of service and reliability, as we strive for excellence.

  • Service Facilities

Modern, centrally located office facilities to give our Clients first class service, always. Close to the CBD, easy access to all suburbs via Freeway, Canning Highway, Manning Road, Leach Highway.

  • You Can Be Confident

The Business is Managed by a Licensee with over Twenty years of Settlement Industry experience, so you can be confident knowing your Settlement is being handled by an expert in the field.