I’m having an issue right now with my tenant. Can you help?

Yes. Once you are a member of the Landlords Advisory Service, we can assist you with advice tailored to your situation. Our independent guidance takes into account current relevant legislation.

Why would landlords join LAS if they have a property manager?

Some landlords find that, at times, they aren’t sure if their property manager is acting in their best interest. They may feel the property manager is siding with the tenant or is inexperienced and they need someone independent and knowledgeable to answer their queries.

In these instances, it’s important to know the law and know how the details of their lease agreement protects them. At LAS, we help clarify what landlords do and don’t have to do in their particular situation, so they can effectively liaise with their property manager.

Will you give me specific help with my tenant?

We support private landlords to manage their own properties by providing specific guidance, as required.

Your Landlords Advisory Service membership will provide you with access to all compliance documentation and assistance for managing for your property.

Landlords are expected to fill in documentation on their own and liaise with their tenants, however, our team will check documentation to ensure it’s done correctly and can provide tailored advice on working with your tenant, including helping write emails and letters.

Can you manage my property for me?

Many people choose to become a member of the Landlords Advisory Service as a cost-effective alternative to having a property manager.

However, if you wish to outsource the management of your property, we can help through our relationship with SALT Property Group, which oversees the dedicated management of more than 600 residential and commercial properties, primarily in Western Australia.

How much is it to join the LAS?

The cost is $529, a fraction of the annual cost of having a property manager handle your rental. The annual membership cost thereafter is $109.

Once your membership is paid, we will send you a hard copy DIY property management kit including the relevant documentation to manage your property successfully and professionally in accordance with Western Australian law.

Can you help me in court with my tenant?

We can help you prepare to attend court, however, the Magistrates Court dealing with your case is a self-representation court. Only tenants, owners and licensed property managers are permitted to attend.

Can you sell my property for me?

The Landlords Advisory Service can not directly sell your property for you.

However, we are affiliated with SALT Property Group, which has a team of experienced sales agents who can provide a free appraisal of your property.

Do you help with issues with boarders and lodgers?

Unfortunately, we are only licensed to advise on tenancy issues. Boarders and lodgers fall under contract law. Please call the Department of Industry and Mines on 1300 489 099.